June signifies many things; the end of school, the start of summer and Pride month. In the wake of the protests surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, we are reminded of the Stonewall riots and the gay liberation movement of 1969, spearheaded, in part, by key figures Marsha P. Johnson, a black transgender pioneer and Sylvia Rivera, a Latina transgender rights activist. With June coming to a close, we remember Pride as an event rooted in action and a celebration of essential human diversity. Gender identity and sexual identity are topics that need to be discussed.

In therapy, we celebrate these important conversations about gender and sexuality. We celebrate who you are, the way that you express yourself, the journey you are on and the families/communities you seek and find along the way. As therapists, we understand the importance of having support systems, essential to our development as humans.

It’s important to note that in therapy people are not put into categories based on gender, relationship status or who they love. Instead, we simply listen and offer you tools to succeed in life.

We’re here for the tough conversations and to talk about your hopes for relationships, or quelling the anxiety that that you feel is preventing you from talking, for example, to that barista at the coffee shop you {safely, because #Covid} frequent.

Most of all, we’re here to provide you with a place that you feel is warm, inviting and comforting, so you feel empowered and ready to conquer the fears or blockers you’re facing.

May the end of this Pride month remind us that our communities thrive when all of us celebrate the gender and sexual diversity in our humanity and that we, as sex and couples therapists, have a unique role to play in the ongoing survival, resistance, celebration and support of the LGBTQ communities.

Did you learn something new during this Pride month? Maybe you read a new book, watched a documentary or read a poem that spoke to you. If so, we want to hear about it! Shoot us a DM on Instagram at @thehappyendingtherapist or on Facebook at @TheSexAndCouplesTherapist!