Couples Therapy

Helps partners in relationship reduce distress and resolve conflicts with trust, communication, infidelity, talking about money, parenting styles, division of labor in the home, improving relationship satisfaction, sexual health, alcohol and other drug use, disability, illness, and aging. It also helps family members experiencing any challenges that may arise regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, monogamy and fidelity, polyamory, consensual non-monogamy, and ethical non-monogamy.




Help your relationship win with Couples Therapy

 The National Average for couples to meet their goals is sixteen sessions.

How It Works

Couples therapy treats symptoms of relational distress and anxiety producing greatly improved outcomes for relational health and mental health. It utilizes a framework of family and systemic therapy including talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness (MBCT, aka, mindfulness behavioral cognitive therapy), and narrative therapy.

Relational and sexual problems may overlap and be treated separately or together if needed or wanted.

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