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Sex and Couples Therapy
Donna Harris-Richards, LICSW, CST

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Sex Therapy

helps individuals and couples reduce distress and manage and resolve sexual difficulties with performance anxiety, differences in desire levels, sexual dysfunction, sex addiction, alcohol and other drug use, pregnancy, disability, illness, and aging. Sex Therapy also helps individuals, couples, and families with any challenges that may arise regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Couples Therapy

helps partners in relationships reduce distress and resolve conflicts with trust, communication, infidelity, money, parenting styles, division of labor in the home, improving relationship satisfaction and intimacy, sexual health, alcohol and other drug use, disability, illness, and aging. It also helps family members experiencing any challenges that may arise regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, monogamy and fidelity, polyamory, consensual non-monogamy, and ethical non-monogamy.

Family Therapy

helps members within the family system reduce distress and resolve conflicts with communication, division of labor in the home, starting families, blending families, talking about money, improving relationship satisfaction, age-appropriate discussions about healthy sexuality, alcohol and other drug use, and how to manage problems related to disability, illness, and aging. It also helps family members experiencing any challenges that may arise regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Individual Therapy

helps individuals cope with stressors, conflict, distress, anxiety, low mood, and depression related to sexual health or sexuality, such as any challenges that may arise regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

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To be human is to be sexual. Sexuality is an integral part of human development.

I began my journey as an LICSW therapist in 2003. In 2010, I started to specialize in Couples and Family Therapy and in 2019, I became an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST). I noticed a need for clients to achieve life satisfaction and happiness through connection with their partners and family members. Exploring healthy sexuality, intimacy and passion are key factors in individual and relational growth.

Sex and Couples Therapy addresses a myriad of problems including substance abuse, trauma, relational anxiety, individual anxiety, depression, differences in desire levels, sex addiction, infidelity, disabilities, illness, sexual orientation and who we love, gender identity and more; even problems related to privilege. These are among the critical topics that, by and large, are missing from our national conversation. Sex, Couples and Family Therapy is the way to address them.

“I have worked with Donna through the majority of my twenties. She has provided me invaluable tools, and worked with me through some of the most challenging times including grief, coping relationship dynamics, and managing personal growth. I have unpacked fear of my sexuality, and with her support now celebrate it and explore it confidently. I never stop recommending the value of therapy, and specifically Donna, to friends, family, and work colleagues. It was the healthiest commitment I have made.

What went well
*Appointment scheduling
*Office environment
*Staff friendliness
*Wait times
*Appointment wasn’t rushed
*Listened & answered questions
*Explained conditions well
*Trusted the provider’s decisions”

Anonymous, Individual Sex Therapy, February 2021.

I am a bit of DIYer, but we were 42 years into our relationship/marriage and facing a world of change. Newly retired after a lifetime of doing our own thing amplified our differences. The pandemic presented even more challenges. The house didn’t seem big enough for two big personalities. Thankfully, my wife isn’t a DIYer. She did extensive research (unbeknownst to me) and wrote Donna a letter, asking if she would consider taking us on as clients. What a gift. After 10 sessions, I am confident that we can make our relationship survive and thrive no matter what comes our way. Donna does her homework; she takes notes, and always circles back to what our goals were. She offered tools, provided exercises, made us practice new approaches, and provided feedback … all with a sense of humor. My wife and I are her biggest fans. If we ever need a tune-up, we know who to call. Thank you, Donna!

Female, Couples Therapy, January 2021

“My husband and I saw Donna for multiple visits over about two months to help us deal with some issues with extended family. She was wonderful and I would highly recommend her services without hesitation.”

Female, Couples Therapy, January 2020

“Absolutely helped us tremendously. Donna was very thorough in understanding where we come from and ensured we had an equal amount of time talking during our sessions. We enjoyed doing the homework and each session could see improvement in our relationship!”
Male, Couples Therapy, May 2023

Couples Therapy

Sex Therapy

Individual Therapy

It’s normal to…

Argue about

  • Money
  • Sex
  • Family
  • Division of Labor in the Home
  • In-Laws
  • Parenting Styles


  • Improved Communication
  • Greater Trust
  • Increased Intimacy
  • Less Anxiety
  • More Confidence

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